Senior Care

Professional Nurse Concierge Services

What is a Concierge Nurse?

A personal Concierge Nurse is a registered nurse (RN) who provides customized nursing care where you need it. Whether you are at home, traveling, at work, or anywhere else, I come directly to you and deliver skilled nursing services tailored specifically for you and your health needs. My goal is to provide excellent clinical care and supportive guidance in the setting most convenient and comfortable for you.


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Compassionate Skilled Nursing Care for Your Peace of Mind

My nursing care services are specifically designed to cater to your wellness needs. As your trusted partner, I provide a wide range of services, including medication management, vital monitoring, weekly check-ins, and more, to ensure that you receive the education, care, and compassion you deserve. Whether you require assistance in your home, independent living space, or assisted living facility, I am here to help you heal and confidently move forward in your health journey.


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Skilled Nursing services

  • Home environment safety checks
  • Post Surgical Care
  • Care Management
  • Weekly Wellness Checks
  • Medication management
  • Disease Management
  • Wound and Drain Care
  • Diabetes Care/Cardiac Care
  • Health Education
  • Tube Feeding/PEG Tube
  • Colostomy/ileostomy
  • Infusions via PICC Line/Midline
  • Injections

Weekly Support

  • Vital sign assessments such as B/P, temperature, heart rate, and oxygen levels
  • Heart, lung, circulation, and mentation evaluations
  • A home environment check for safety
  • Review of any medical reports, upcoming visits, and organization of these documents
  • Medication education, dosage management, and creation of a schedule, if necessary
  • Medical test review
  • Health issue education
  • Appointment scheduling, if needed
  • Communication with your medical team, if necessary
  • Weekly updates to family members as required

Our service also includes companionship for those who need a friendly face and a listening ear.


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