Weight Loss Support and IV Vitamin Therapy

Are the weight loss medications offered effective ?

  •  These injections, similar to the popular diabetic medications Wegovy (Semaglutide) and Mounjaro (Tirzepatide), deliver exceptional fat-burning results.
  • Our pharmacy partner compounds the medicine that is slightly different and achieves the same outcomes as brand-name options, but with a more economical approach.
  • Our weight loss injections provide a convenient, non-invasive alternative that rivals surgical procedures results.

How do I get started ?

  • Schedule a free 15min nurse consult from the website or call 360-682-9848.
  • Together we will discuss your goals and make sure we are a good fit. We can then book your first service from this call

Does insurance pay for weight loss or IV wellness visits?

  • Insurance does not currently pay for weight loss. If during your lab work and medical work up we uncover certain diagnoses that can be covered we will let you know. You should always check with your PCP and insurance to check coverage. 
  • Insurance will not pay for IV vitamin hydration. We can prepare a super bill if requested. HSA cards may be accepted. 

How does the IV hydration process work?

  • Request a new client invitation
  • Fill your intake form and sign consents
  • Book an initial medical provider Telehealth exam
  • Once cleared medically, the nurse will contact you to book your service!

 Is this safe?

Your safety and comfort are our first priority. Your medical history along with a periodic medical consultation and nurse assessment prior to any service increase the safety of your infusion. 

 How should I prepare?

You should always consult your primary care provider before starting a new service. We can also complete your doctors orders for hydration.

 Does insurance pay for IV therapy?

Typically insurance will not pay for IV vitamin therapy or hydration.

 How long will it last?

An infusion can take from 45 to 60 minutes each and effects can last up to three weeks.

I’m pregnant/breast feeding can I get an infusion?

An infusion could be a great addition to your health and wellness regimen, however, you and your baby are sensitive during this time. We will work with your OB or pediatrician to find the right fit.